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Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt finds its way onto your solar panels and can reduce their effectiveness. This also reduces the returns you had expected from the solar panels. Do you have a regular solar panel cleaning program in place?

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Solar panels can become dirty and less effective from dust, pollution, fires, traffic, trees, as well as birds. A proper cleaning program not only extends its life but also ensures you are getting the highest possible efficiency in terms of energy conversion from your system.

Our experienced team of technicians at Mr. Solar Cleaning is the expert in solar panels and is the leader in its maintenance including its cleansing. We use filtered water to clean the panels and leave a streak-free finish as well as a sparkling new feel. Additionally, we do not use any harmful chemicals so as to not inflict damage or anyone or anything.

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Dirty solar panels are not as efficient in generating electricity and could very well be costing you more than you imagine. Regular cleaning ensures a more consistent and longer life for the equipment and therefore provides steady and uninterrupted power generation.
Why Mr. Solar Cleaning for this task?

  • Good for your Equipment: Our solar panel cleaning increases the life span and also the efficiency of your panels
  • We are Experienced: We have a highly experienced team who know how to clean the panels properly
  • Our Team uses the Right Methods: We use filtered, de-ionized water with no use of detergents as well as chemicals
  • We are Safe: Our Team uses proper safety measures for working at heights
  • We are Insured: All our technicians are 100% insured against injury or property damage
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Solar panel cleaning is important not just for the system but for uninterrupted power for your lovely home.
For a streak-free clean, using no chemicals, contact us and get a quote today.

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